Financial planning is a creative, iterative process. We believe in inspired planning that starts by really listening to what you value and how you want to make a difference. An essential part of this process is one human being talking to another human being who is trained in listening and idea generation. This is so much more than just mathematical formulas.

We Help You Dream

Within the first few weeks of becoming a client, we meet to clarify your values, goals, opportunities and challenges. We revisit that conversation every year in our annual review. We also talk about your feelings—and ability—to take risk in your portfolio and broader financial life.

We want to learn more about your relationships—your children, parents, other important people in your life—even your pets. It’s important to us to understand who you are before we jump into more technical discussions. We’ll use a collaborative process that shows the most important information about your financial situation on one page.

You will walk us through your assets and we’ll identify if your money is really aligned with your values. That applies to how it is invested, how you are harnessing your human capital, how you move from “success to significance.” We value being your trusted sounding board as you weigh decisions throughout your life journey.


Ultimately your most important decisions deserve a level of deep discussion that benefits from our experience, education and discernment. We want you to be confident in your decisions and that requires trust, clarity, competence and skillful execution. We coordinate with your other financial professionals—CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents—to make sure everyone is aware of your choices and the implications.

With growing wealth comes increasing responsibility that often involves preparing the next generation. We can help you think through “how much is enough?” so that your values are passed to your heirs and your passions for charity are funded.
Many of our clients value strategic philanthropy and we enjoy providing guidance as you are able to focus your giving to make more impactful differences. Important in this process is a social return on your investment.

Wealth in Transition

Transitions are the most important times to seek a trusted advisor to help you make your best decisions. We often first meet clients when they are experiencing a marital change, a death in the family, a change in job, the sale of a business, or even transitioning into retirement. We offer an experienced team of professionals who offer “life coaching.” This type of approach is very consultative and focused on a holistic approach to all of your life. While we always start by deep listening to your concerns and values, it becomes even more important when you are making a major transition.

Depending on what you are experiencing, we can help you break the process down into manageable steps that you can take at your own pace. We have a vast array of resources to help you including other professionals, analytical projections, investment management, spending guidance, even sharing ideas about passions like music, art, golf, fine dining, luxury travel and helping kids.

The Value of Financial Advice

My friend and colleague, Michael Kitces, created a chart (shown on the next page) that quantifies much of the value of what a good financial advisor can bring to the table. I want to share it with you to help you think about all the aspects of good financial management and the potential economic impact that brings.

Our clients are already successful. They come to us to find out what questions they should be asking so they can take their accomplishments to the next level. We build relationships with our clients and other professionals so that we can bring the right resources to our clients when they need them. Ultimately our goal is to help our clients find their own unique vision for the future. Good financial planners are first life coaches. When we take on a new relationship, it often lasts a lifetime. Lots of things change over time and you need a trusted partner to help you through the many transitions you will make.

We’re not afraid to ask hard questions. We want to present possibilities so that you make the best decision for yourselves. Wading through financial spreadsheets, legal documents and economic scenarios can be overwhelming and complex. We want to help make personal finance more accessible so that you can get on with enjoying your life!

When you think about who will be there when the market crashes or your life falls apart or you succeed beyond your wildest dreams, think about who you want by your side. It takes years, in many cases, to develop the type of trust that you want to have in someone who you can confide in. We want to be that organization that starts with caring and sticks with you through life.

Quantifying the Value of Financial Planning Advice

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